About Me


  • 1999–2003: Promotion at the Computer Science Institute, Department VIS, University of Stuttgart with the thesis “Volumetric Methods for the Real-Time Display of Natural Gaseous Phenomena”.
  • 2003–2006: PostDoc at the University of Erlangen-NĂĽrnberg, IMMD9, Computer Graphics Group with research focus Medical Volume Rendering.
  • 2006–2007: 3D/4D Expert at Siemens Medical MR, Erlangen.
  • 2007–2009: Team Leader Oceanographic Visualization Group, Makai Ocean Engineering Inc., Kailua, Hawai’i, USA.
  • since 2009: Professor at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science, Faculty EFI with teaching focus Computer Graphics and Visualization.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Roettger
Ohm Hochschule Nuernberg
Faculty EFI / Room BB.217
0911 / 5880 1248
Bahnhofstr. 90
90402 Nuernberg


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Research Samples:

Historical Artifact Visualization:

15th century Henlein clock (courtesy of GNM Nuremberg)
“Henlein Clock”
3D visualization of the Henlein clock
3D Volume Visualization

Interactive Projection of a Tinplate Railway Playground

Lauf-1 Lauf-2 Lauf-3 Lauf-4

Terrain Rendering:

HD Virtual Panorama of Famous Lanikai Beach, Oahu
3D Virtual Panorama

Terrain Visualization of the City Center of Stuttgart, Germany
Urban Modeling
Anaglyh 3D Stereo Visualization of the Islands of Hawai'i
3D Stereo Rendering
Terrain Visualization of the Windward Coast of Waimanalo, Oahu
3D Landscape Visualization
Visualization of Haiku Stairs Hiking Trail on Oahu, Hawai'i
Geographic Application

Real-Time Display of Oahu Bathymetry with Color-Coding
Oceanographic Application
3D Visualization of Super-Cooled Zones of Hurricane Isabel
Severe Weather
Weather Visualization with Glyphs, Stream-Lines and Iso-Surfaces
Weather Visualization
3D Visualization of Hurricane Isabel off the Coast of Florida
Weather Simulation

Satellite Imagery:

Pan-sharpened Landsat true-color imagery
North Sea and “Wattenmeer”
Topography map processed from Landsat bands
Korcula Island, Croatia

Medical Visualization:

Medical Visualization of a MR Angiography with Standard Gradient-Magnitude Volume Rendering and Backlight
MR Angiography
Medical Visualization of a MR Angiography with Inverse Gradient-Magnitude Volume Rendering
MR Angiography /wo Backlight
Medical Visualization of a MR Angiography with TTP-Color-Coding
MR Cardiography
Medical Visualization of an Aneurysm with Spatial Transfer-Functions
CTA Visualization

Engineering Applications:

Volume Rendering of an Engine Block
Volume Rendering
4 Sides of a VR Cave Projection
Virtual Reality
Aluminum Alloy Die-Cast with Cavity Defects
Material Defects
3D Visualization of Foam Structure
Material Structure


Bonsai displayed with Pre-integrated Volume Rendering
Virtual Bonsai
Bonsai displayed with Automatically Determined Spatial-Transfer-Function
Virtual Bonsai with STF
Volume Rendering of a Back Pack with Volume Peeling
Back Pack
Volume Rendering of a Segmented X-Mas Tree
Christmas Tree