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Hilfe zu den jeweiligen OpenGL Kommandos gibt die Unix Manual Page.

> man glVertex
       glVertex2d, glVertex2f, glVertex2i,
       glVertex3d, glVertex3f, glVertex3i,
       glVertex4d, glVertex4f, glVertex4i - specify a vertex

       void glVertex2d( GLdouble x,
                        GLdouble y )
       void glVertex2f( GLfloat x,
                        GLfloat y )
       void glVertex2i( GLint x,
                        GLint y )
       void glVertex3d( GLdouble x,
                        GLdouble y,
                        GLdouble z )
       void glVertex3f( GLfloat x,
                        GLfloat y,
                        GLfloat z )
       void glVertex3i( GLint x,
                        GLint y,
                        GLint z )
       void glVertex4d( GLdouble x,
                        GLdouble y,
                        GLdouble z,
                        GLdouble w )
       void glVertex4f( GLfloat x,
                        GLfloat y,
                        GLfloat z,
                        GLfloat w )
       void glVertex4i( GLint x,
                        GLint y,
                        GLint z,
                        GLint w )

       x, y, z, w
                Specify x, y, z, and w coordinates of a vertex.
                Not all parameters are present in all forms of the command.

       glVertex  commands  are used within glBegin/glEnd pairs
       to specify point, line, and polygon vertices.  The current color,
       normal, and texture coordinates are associated with
       the vertex when glVertex is called.

       When only x and y are specified, z defaults to 0 and w defaults to 1.
       When x, y, and z are specified, w defaults to 1.

       Invoking glVertex outside of a glBegin/glEnd pair
       results in undefined behavior.

       glBegin, glCallList, glColor, glEdgeFlag, glEvalCoord, glIndex,
       glMaterial, glNormal, glRect, glTexCoord, glVertexPointer

Oder lass uns danach googlen!

GL Vertices | | GL Attribute