GUI Development with Qt

Multi-Platform Graphical

User-Interface Development

with Qt

Prof. Dr. Stefan Röttger, Stefan.Roettger@th-nuernberg.de

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QWhat is Multi-Platform GUI Development?

Program Development on Linux, Mac and Windows

Related Topics
→ Consistent Software Management
→ Transparent Software Development
→ Minimization of Platform-Dependencies
→ Abstraction of Native Platforms and Libraries

What is ?

Qt is a platform-independent graphical user interface

Covered Topics:

Multi-Platform Make (CMake)
Multi-Platform Versioning
Binary Version Search
QMake und moc
Main Window and Menus
Qt Event Loop
Basic Qt UI Elements
Signal-Slot Concept
Key end Mouse Events
Widgets and Layouts
Internationalization (i18n)
Consistent Preferences
Drag and Drop
Inter-Thread Communication
Graphics with QPainter and QGL

Hands-On Project: