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Vis Course

In this Visualization course we will learn

  • how to write 3D software with OpenGL
  • and how to use OpenGL to visualize medical 3D data like MR or CT scans.

The CG and Vis lectures for this course can be found here:

Medical Visualization Lecture

Save the date: Thursday 9:45–13:00 in BB.209

Time schedule:

  • The semester is divided in two:
    • In the first half of the semester you will be attending the CG lecture, the Vis lecture and the CG Course Exercises.
    • In the second half of the semester you will only be attending the Vis lecture. The Vis Course Excercises will be conducted as part of the latter.

Medical Visualization Exercises

Course Organisation: click here

Required Software:

glVertex Cheat Sheet

Blender Cheat Sheet